16 years ago
I was shown a photo this week of my father-in-laws fathers '47 beetle.

Alledgedly, it was the first beetle exported to Norway after the war.

The pic shows a tintop beetle with chrome bumpers and overiders, chrome hubcaps, door handles and hood handle; but no side trim.

Not being an expert on this era, I always assumed that exports had the side trim?

Can anyone enlighten me as to its model designation?

I'm curious and I would like to pass the info on to my FIL.


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16 years ago
That car was not a Deluxe but an Export Standard which only had chrome on bumpers, hubcaps and all handles.
Deluxe models with white knobs, chromed accessories and hydraulic brakes came in mid-1949.
Standard split
16 years ago
Hydraulic brakes did not appear on Beetles until March 1950, and only then on the Deluxe model :wink:
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16 years ago
Cheers guys.

Alledgedly its still around in a barn in my FIL's hometown!

He's going to look for it during the summer.

I'll keep you posted.
Rich Oakley
16 years ago

I think a trip up there will be necessary. Fancy a weekend of Split hunting in Scandanavia???!

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