13 years ago
I've searched this forum but haven't seen the answers - so far...

1) Did 1964 bugs come in the strange (but rather attractive:lol: ) two tone paint (you know, the bottoms of the sides painted in a different colour from the rest)? I've seen a Green/cream combo, and a red/cream but I'm not sure these would have ever been proper colours at the time. The old colour charts on WW certainly don't show any two-tones...

2) Is it essentially criminal to re-spray a '64 Beetle in a colour that is not right for the year? Or even to change colour on it at all?
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Rich Oakley
13 years ago
1) Beetles never came in two-tone colour schemes (with the exception of the early Karmann Cabriolets).

2)It's up to you what colour you paint your car. If it's a nice original vehicle, it would be a shame to alter it though (in my opinion).
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  • JD
  • pre67vw Junkie
13 years ago
If it´s what you really want to do, then I´d use the original colour for the car and then paint the sides with a colour of your choice. It´s easily repainted/overpainted if you get fed up with it, as long as you put the split line under the chrome trim.
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13 years ago
I thought that they never did two-tone. I think it looks odd...Quite nice odd but definitely not right. I'm actually thinking or getting rid of the two tone but repainting in another colour for the year. I love the Bahama blue (not it's present colour) - and the bug needs SO much doing to it that it's largely going to be a rebuild. Rust everywhere, interior might clean up - but I don't think it's original. The previous owner clearly went for appearance rather than quality - as the 'Made in Taiwan' stickers on various knackered bits of chrome would suggest!:lol:
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