18 years ago
Does anyone have any views on brands of 16" crossply tyres?
Someone has sugested Avon Tourist 500/525 x 16

Just wondering what everyone else uses or would recommend?

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18 years ago

This is the "Coker Tire" web site. I have already selected the area that you should consider looking through. 
I have ordered complete sets of tires from them for my VW's. I have no complaints.

Also here is a list of their distributors: 

Hope this helps,
Larry 🙂
Enjoy life to the fullest - in a VINTAGE VW
18 years ago
Thanks for the help Larry, I've decided to go with the Avons in the end.

I would have thought most people on here would have had an opinion on tires!

Or are all the pre67vw's in garages, up on blocks with no tires?

18 years ago
Sadly mine are both up on bricks and also 15"

They're fulda though, nice looking :lol:
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
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