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VW Service Manuals/Technical

How to keep your Volkswagen alive
John Muir - ISBN 0945465122

This book is generally referred to as ‘the idiot guide’. An excellent book for people who are not mechanically minded, written by an old hippy - “If I get hung up with maybe a busted knuckle …I feel my tools until the rage subsides and sense and love return”. This is just the type of book you need when everything seems to be going wrong, because some comment, or cartoon will make everything OK… It covers general maintenance and repair, with wiring diagrams, and is easy to follow.

How to Rebuild Your Volkswagen Air-Cooled Engine
Tom Wilson - ISBN 0895862255

If you are thinking of rebuilding your VW's engine and want to keep it all stock, this is definatly the book for you

How to Restore Volkswagen Beetle
Jim Tyler - ISBN 1903706904

This handbook shows how to completely restore a Volkswagen Beetles bodywork, interior, mechanical and electrical components. It includes troubleshooting and a guide to dealing with professional restorers.

Volkswagen Beetle 1200 ('54 to '77)
J H Haynes, D H Stead - ISBN 0856965243

The classic Haynes manual, if you plan to work on your own bug - you need this book (remember, refitting is reverse of removal!)

The 1949-1959 VW Beetle (Authenticity Series)
Bob Wilson - ISBN 092975803X

The book contents are completely in black and white, but there are loads of detail pictures of exterior and interior parts to ensure that your restoration is 'correct'

Vw Beetle Restoration Handbook : How to Restore 1949-1967 Vw Beetles to Original Factory Condition
VW Trends - ISBN 1557883424

This is a great idea - a collection of all the best practical articles from the VW Trends magazine - why didn't anybody think of this earlier?

How to Hotrod Volkswagen Engines
Bill Fisher - ISBN 0912656034

This is the bible for hotting up your flat 4! With loads of info on how to get more performance from your motor without expensive aftermarket parts (as much of it was written before these were available) but has now been updated