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VW Beetle Books

VW Beetle, Specification Guide 1949-1967
James Richardson - ISBN 978-1861269409

The VW Beetle is one of the best-loved of all classic cars, with many thousands preserved across the world, many in regular use. Over the years countless changes were introduced, together making a mid sixties Beetle, for instance, very different from one built in the mid-50s, or mid-70s, despite the obvious similarities. Has many photos featuring cars from the pre67vw forum!!

The Beetle - A comprehensive illustrated history of the world's most popular car
Keith Seume - ISBN 0760304300

This is a great book by Keith Seume, a well know figure in Volkswagen literature. It starts out with a history of the Beetle, with details on the pre-war NSU, rare photographs of the prototypes and military vehicles. The thing that really makes this book a success is the photography – all the cars featured have a two page spread with all photographs having been taken in a studio. Highlights for me are the spreads on the 1938 Beetle Cabriolet, the 1943 Kommandeurwagen and the 1952 Stoll coupe

Original VW Beetle
Laurence Meredith - ISBN 1901432270

A very nice book to have if you are a fan of original un-customised versions of the marque. Nice photo's, with lots of information about the various changes over the years.

Volkswagen Bug: The People's Car
Ray Miller - ISBN 091305612X

Another Volkswagen History book... This time shown with almost 1100 photographs from its start in 1943 through 1979. Also includes some nice little snippets from various press articles of the time. Loads of photo's documenting the various changes over the years.

Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet
Malcolm Bobbit - ISBN 1903706068

The majority of VW Beetle Cabrios where built by Karmann, although some were also built by Hebmuller. This book tells the full story from 1948 to 1980

The Beetle: the Chronicles of the People's Car: Production and Evolution Facts and Figures
Hans-Rudiger Etzold - ISBN 0854299858

This is an updated edition of the production history of "the People's Car", containing every one of the 78,000 changes instituted by Volkswagen under its policy of continual development of the same basic product. The book is intended as a reference book for the serious motoring historian; as well as for Beetle enthusiasts worldwide

VW Beetle - Car of the 20th Century
Richard Copping - ISBN 1901295869

Written by Richard Copping who is well known in the UK for writing a vintage columm in Total VW magazine, this book covers ground previously covered many times before but with a magazine style to it. Some of the images are not the best quality, but overall a good book.

VW Beetle - Coachbuilts and Cabriolets 1940-1960
Keith Seume & Bob Shaill - ISBN 1-870979-33-8

Keith Seume teams up with Bob Shaill, the writer of the KdF observer column in the UK magazine Volksworld. As its title indicates, this book concentrates on the coachbuilt VW’s, both approved and not approved by VW, including the Karmann and the Hebmuller. The book also details other production cars based on the Beetle chassis such as the Rometsch, and the beautiful Dannenhauer & Stauss. Full of detail and incredibly rare cars. If I was to be over critical, I would say that the book is let down

VW Beetle - Guide to purchase and DIY restoration
Lindsay Porter - ISBN 1859606156

This is very much a workshop manual, but concentrating on restoration rather than general servicing. It starts with a brief history, and even contains a foreword by Ivan Hirst, but the main focus is DIY repair. It covers the replacement of most panels, Beetle, Cabrio and Bus. It has sections on Cabrio hood replacement, recovering seats, engine rebuilds, suspension, and electrical. Also covered briefly is a LHD to RHD conversion, buggies, and baja’s.

Essential VW Beetle Cabriolet
Keith Seume - ISBN 1870979737

This book is dedicated to the Beetle convertible from 1949 to 1980, and features mostly the Karmann cabrio Beetle, with a small part of the book given to the Hebmuller (to be fair, production did stop in 1952). The book details many changes that occurred over the years, and in that respect is thorough. A nice book to add to your collection.

Vintage Volkswagens
Flat 4 Project - ISBN 0811825450

Nice picture book of vintage volkswagens, the book features six Hebmullers! Includes many pictures from Flat 4's own collection, as well as some vintage brochures and documents some design changes. Nice book apart from it's lack of text (some more detail on the cars would have been nice), and the fact that the picture comments are not with the pictures.