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1967 - Volkswagen Beetle Euro style bumper (1955-1972)

1967 - Volkswagen T1 Split Screen Bus (1958-1968) USA

1967 - Volkswagen Karmann Ghia US type bumper

1967 - Volkswagen Type 3 bumper (1963–1969) by stainless steel

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VolksAuto is a magazine for the VW enthusiast who likes their cars old and stock. Our mission is to promote the vintage side of the hobby, where our cars aren't lowered and our wheels are original.

If you like crossply tyres, 6v electrics, period correct accessories and are not afraid of speed bumps, then VolksAuto is your magazine.

VolksAuto is not a thick magazine full of adverts, its a thin magazine full of quality. We are hoping that with enough interest we will produce the magazine 4 times a year.

Issue 1 contents

  • Rod Sleigh's 1946 Beetle
  • Bad Camberg 2019
  • Karmann History
  • Old Speed look
  • Brighton Breeze 2019
  • Hazet

Price: £5.99 inc UK postage

If you are interested in buying the magazine, we would like you to pre-order it. We are not asking for any money at this point, we simply want to gauge how much interest there is and how many issues we may need to print - but we would ask that you only pre-order if you are genuinely interested in buying the magazine, not just interested to have a browse through.

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