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Herbert: Dear All,The tyres on my 1965 beetle are just about shot. A recent visit to National Tyres left me ... Read More
zelensis61: Due to shortage of supplys of materials after the war... they used one wiper, smaller window, welded... Read More
Rod_vw: Andy, attached part of workshop pocket book that may be of help, it's all models to 1972 so you will... Read More
java: I'm just about to begin making a pattern for new seat covers for the 1959 Ragtop. I'd like to repain... Read More

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1949 - Split project june 1949

1960 - 1960 EZ Camper Patina perfection

1966 - vw type 825 replica

1955 - '55 Oval. Heart tail / ribbed door model

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September 28th 1950, Wilhelm Karmann of the Karmann Karosserie passed away quietly