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Orby1: Wow! Looking good, Julian!So much for your "quick tidy up"!! ;) :lol:... Read More
Orby1: I guess he made this what it is, because he didn't have a VW38 to measure and make an exact replica ... Read More
Orby1: Just over a year to go now - now's a good time to book a hotel room I think!See you there chaps.... Read More
Hebster52: Some progress today... :) [url]https://youtu.be/8Q91cNA- out the S-irons and fitted them. Did not ne... Read More

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1954 - NOS OG Bosch D-regulator Boxed 25hp 6 volts

1964 - Nor Cal 1964 coupe rolling body shell SOLID

1959 - low light vert cabrio

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23 Apr 1947 - Ben Pon has discussions with the British management of VW about his ideas for a transporter