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Stanford Hall VW Show 2018

25 May 2018
Stanford Hall VW Show 2018
The biggest and best all round VW show in the UK

I've been going to the Stanford Hall VW show since the late 80's, and it's fair to say that it's unrecognisable today from those early shows. It used to be a fairly small collection of cars lined up along by the river, this year the show was pretty much the entire area.

You can even notice the difference from when I started pre67vw - just compare these photos, one from 2002 and one from this year:

This years show was a fantastic one, the weather was hot and sunny with a great turnout. I must confess that I don't understand some of the concours classes, I don't see the attraction of buying a brand new Audi and entering it into the show - and I don't understand the attraction of looking around those cars either. But despite that, there's still plenty of classic stuff to look at and the Historic VW display in front of the main house was one of the biggest I've seen. I wanted to search for parts for my project, alas - too many people to talk to meant that didn't happen. 

If you want to see what you missed, or see if you can spot yourself or you car - take a look at our Stanford Hall photos here, or watch our video:

Vintage VW 

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