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alec2som: Check out the color here-- wolfsburgwest.com/colors/59l358.html though it doesn't list the seat fr... Read More
alec2som: I got mine from just-carcovers.co.uk and I have no complaints so far.... Read More
JD: I asked a key cutting guy at a VW show about a steering lock once. He toldme i was best off finding ... Read More

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1950 - splitbeetle

1966 - VW Beetle 1300 - with new 1600 engine, heated seats, pop-outs

1955 - Oval very original

1965 - Volkswagen Beetle 1200 (1965)

This week in history...

17 Feb 1972 - The 15,007,034th Beetle came off the production line, making it the most produced car ever, overtaking the Ford Model T.