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01 March 2018
I can’t believe I’ve left the blog for so long - I seem to have missed two whole years!! This post is about a great little company I’ve found called ‘old skool parts shop’ who specialise in the restoration of pedal sets.

If you’re either doing a restoration or maybe converting your Beetle to RHD - you might need to either buy a set of pedals or get yours restored. Old Skool Parts Shop specialise in doing exactly this. The pedal sets are all stripped down, cleaned, re-bushed, coated where necessary, re-greased and re-assembled, to the absolute top quality possible. The end result is a perfect show quality product.

On some of the old pedal sets, time has taken its toll and parts are either rusted too badly or bent over years of use - this is where Old Skool Parts really excel - they manufacture their own brackets and parts to ensure that every part of the set is correct and working properly. They even manufacture a replacement wheel for the early roller pedal!

Take a look at some of the photos and see the quality of the workthey produce. If you’re interested you can find them on Facebook - OldSkoolPartsShop.

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