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19 years ago

I know this question is hard to give an answer to, but roughly,
what can be reasonably to pay for a 51 split that been stored
in a barn for the last 25 years. Not too much rust, a hole in the flor
under the battery area
. Interior a bit worn.

best rgds
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19 years ago
Bert, Welcome to the show;

The less you pay , the better for you.

Keep in mind that a " to be restored "Split is not an easy task if some parts are gone what is most of the time the case.
Ribbed bumpers , Semaphores, dash parts, lights, Body moldings, 16 " wheels and tyres, correct 25 HP engine parts , etc etc are higly souht after and most of the time cost you a fortune .

25 years of sitting in a barn is no good for the engine, maybe blockedand seased.
The body work is also a question, You say that there is a hole in the floor: That means that you will have t o replace at least one half of the pan. Whould you let the other half in place?? NO WAY

The interior is beyond repair: Let say that you buy the stuff from Mrs OPPERMANN, on 80€ per meter and you need a bit of that stuff.

Let say that you can buy it for les than 2500 € or 3000 , than you have a good start to restore it. If you have to pay more than you have to think about it .
that is my opinion, Maybe somebody else whould think otherwise .

Can you show us some picts . ???

Greetinsg , Peter SCHEPENS , Belgium

ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective
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19 years ago
[img]C:/Documents and Settings/Lasse/Skrivbord/107-0727_IMG[/img]
[img]C:\Documents and Settings\Lasse\Skrivbord\107-0732_IMG[/img]
[img]C:\Documents and Settings\Lasse\Skrivbord\107-0726_IMG[/img]

How to get the picture to this area?
19 years ago
Thanks God that I`m not the only one who puts the RED X
in this forum !
This is comforting and relaxing me.......... 😎

......sorry VW-51,nothing personal :!: Good luck for the next attempt !

Andreas 😎
19 years ago
VW 51 ,

send those pictures to [email protected], i will post them for you on this forum !


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