16 years ago
Hello there folks.
I'm new to this vintage speed world - earlier this year the original 34hp motor in our '65 beetle broke an exhaust valve which destroyed the head, number 3 piston, and seized the motor. We've decided to have the motor rebuilt around the original 34hp case (still waiting to hear if it's definitely salvageable) with some 'vintage-speed' style goodies to pep it up a bit.

The plans are:
Original matching 34hp case align-bored and cut for cam bearings
Original crank counterweighted
Complete bottom end dynamically balanced
83mm Mahle barrels & pistons (1385cc)
Engle 100 cam
Year-correct 373 single-port heads ported and polished
9:1 compression
Bosch VJR4BR25 Distributor
NOS Fram F3-P oil filter (with mr wob lines & fittings)
Riechert dual solex 34PCI carb kit
Knecht air filters
Copper fuel lines
Mr Wob abarth replica exhaust

Have most of the stuff ordered and some of organised, but I still have lots to learn - I'm hoping for some advice and help along the way from you experts 😃 :wink:

my first question - will I need extra oil cooling with this set-up? (The motor is the '65 34hp with the fresh air cooling/heating system). Any help/advice greatly appreciated.

Cheers! 😃

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Andy Sparks
16 years ago
I may have a spare long throw crank for sale in a month or two.

That'll make it 1485.
You can never have too many accessories on your car. 🙂
16 years ago
Hello Andy, cheers but we've going to keep the motor to a 1385 😃
16 years ago
I would use a oil cooler and a larger oil pump !
If you need the carbs and intakes, I have them for sale !!



16 years ago
thanks guido - I have the carbs & intakes on order, so it's cool thanks.

I have started a blog to chart the research and build of the motor here 
all input and advice gratefully accepted as always!
And I'll keep updating it with some vintage speed info and finds.


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