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16 years ago
Hi all,
does anyone know what the differences are between the earlier and later flywhell gland nuts. I know that the earlier one has a brass bushing where the latter has a needle bearing, but are there any other differences. Is the nut on the earlier ones bigger than later ones?

The reason I ask is because I tried to fit a LUK clutch friction plate (the one with the springs in the middle) and the centre of the friction plate contacts with the gland nut rather than the flywheel, so it won't work 😞

I've also been told that my flywheel may have been skimmed on the inside which may account for the clutch plate contacting the gland nut, but I can't see any evidence of that.

Any suggestions most welcome (apart from scrap the car and get a modern one, I get enough of that at work)

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