Andy Sparks
16 years ago
just putting the feelers out really, but let me know if you want to be included in any info about this.

Me and Amanda are going to stay out in Germany/Austria the week after Hessisch next year, and drive to Glossglockner. So far i have a few people who are interested.

Would be great to take my bug over the old testing grounds.



You can never have too many accessories on your car. 🙂
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16 years ago
Hi Andy,
Bob ( BBT ) is orginizing an convoy to Hessisch Oldendorf agian.
Bye Christian
16 years ago
Sorry I'm retired I just don't have the time for the scenic route home.

Crosby Stills and Nash will be on the BBT convoy though. 😃
16 years ago
Andy do it this year 12-22nd June - the Dutch Aircooled club are doing the Grossglockner tour. I went in 98 and it was easily one of the best trips I've ever done!

Do it! 
my posse got velocity
16 years ago
I plan to leave Hessisch on Sunday and go to Wolfsburg to celebrate my car's fifty year anniversary and first time back to its birthplace
since. We make our way back to the UK on the Monday, sort of after lunch-ish to get on an evening boat.:d
Anyone else keen to join forces?
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