14 years ago
This interesting ad:


...made me start to think. What do "we" know about body-shell only changes between "big center bar pressing" (mid 46) and "end of 5-finger pressing" ( late 48 ) ?

What other items can narrow down the date of this body shell?
- First gen vs second gen glove boxes?
- Rear lid spring mount
- ...??
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Standard split
14 years ago
The ad is titled pre '48, but it could of course be early '48 and the last of the more interesting cars with the extra ribs under the inside split window.

Has the blanking plate on the dash been cut out or not though?

The older KdF cars had a removable panel like the later splits. This car does not have the KdF rear window though as the KdF had a thicker base on the window's centre pillar:?

There, that's not helped much I suppose though:o

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