Robin Allen
9 years ago
Can anyone please send me a sample of L21 Pearl Grey ? Just a postcard painted with a bit of L21 would be great to give to the paint supplier to match and mix paint to respray my 1952 Standard Beetle. The guy painting it has been supplied with the wrong colour and the suppliers say they don't have records for this colour. Alternatively the loan of any small component in original paint would also be good. This is quite urgent as it's all ready for paint. I seem to remember there was a publication a few years ago that gave the formulas for old VW paint colours but I can't remember where I saw that.
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9 years ago
Hi Robin,
Try giving John Maxwell a call. He recently had his 1949 repainted after some damage caused by a film company.
9 years ago
i got some made in glasurit 22 line and think if i dig around have the code you will need
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