19 years ago
:? Is there anyone who can tell me about the fresh air intake for the passenger cab of a '65 standard Beetle? I am very hopefully going to be buying this guy's old '65, the body of which has all been re-done. Problem is, he never got done replacing some of the electricals behind the dash (under the front bonnet). He has all of the equipment, plus spare / original parts that will go with the car, but I am doing my research in the mean time. I've owned various Post '70 Volkswagens, but never a 6 Volt pre '67. I have looked online and in repair manuals, but am not certain if there is supposed to be a fresh air blower motor in a '65 Bug. Does anyone know for sure?
Daniel M. Mosher
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19 years ago

I noticed that you live in Michigan. I'm down here in Kentucky. 🙂 Just click on my name and send me an e-mail and I'll send a responce. I'm a regular here on the Pre-67 forum.

The answer to your question is NO there should not be a blower motor on a 1965 beetle that came directly from the VW factory. If there is one currently on the car then it must have been added sometime in the car's life. I'll give you additional information if you want it, just e-mail me.

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