19 years ago
Can one of you guys please provide me with the exact width and length of the standard sunroof "hole" please width can be measured straight or with the curvature of the roof, but please let me know which method you've used!! also, can you confirm how far back in the roof the front of the hole starts

I'm considering a paris beetles sunroof, but want size and position to be as near as possible to original, can anyone with experience of these also tell me what they think, as it will have to be of very high quality, or I'll forget it, I've already noticed the frame is rivetted in, I must admit, I'll be tempted to fit it with automotive bonding adhesive sealant, as this should give much more strength (through my experience with bonded spoilers and body parts on other projects) Anyone any thoughts on this??

Also, whats the deal with the pressstuds? I assume they clip the cover to the folding mechanism and you don't have to "unclip" when you fold it back??

Many thanks,

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19 years ago
Hi Paul. I had a 68 camper with a Dormobile pop-top fitted that was badly cracked. I decided to do away with the pop-top and have a full length sun roof fitted, as this would enable me to get into my garage. I telephoned Paris Beetles and he sent me some samples and pictures, and gave me a rough price over the phone to replace the pop-top with a full length sun roof. To save some money I took the pop-top off myself and drove to Paris Beetles with a 7 ft. hole. Thankfully it was a dry day. I left the bus there and picked it up 4 days later completely finished. I was very pleased with the finished job. This was 5 years ago and when I sold the bus 3 years ago I had not had any leaks or problems with the roof. 3 weeks ago I saw the bus at a show still owned by the same person who bought it from me, and he said there are still no leaks or problems with the roof and he was very pleased with it.

As far as the press-studs are concerned on mine you did have to undo them all to slide the sunroof back, but it was no problem and very easy. I think the best thing is to telephone Paris Beetles and speak to them before you decide what to do. The price 5 years ago to make and fit was about £400, but I am sure that the price is probably higher now depending on what material you use. Hope this helps a bit. Dave :lol: