elkan peter
16 years ago
hy again , this year on 20' of february at 4am I had an accident with my redpaprika..because of a 23 yers old bastard who has no licens.. damit...

after 3 mounth I decide to get redpaprika to the workshop of one of my friend in hungary to nagykanizsa , to be repared .
et the begening of june redpaprika whas in the workshop .
Süsü my friend start to restor the bug.
fotos from the scene of the accident-
and redpaprika through the resto period
sorry for the fotos are not in the right order and most ofit are made with mobil phone camera.
at the moment redpaprika is whaiting to be painted.. I steel paint in red. but keeping the dashboard in the original L87 coded perlweis colour..
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16 years ago
Looks like you've been very busy!! Hope it's back on the road soon 😎
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
elkan peter
16 years ago

Looks like you've been very busy!! Hope it's back on the road soon 😎

"pre67vw" wrote:

yaa I hope the same.. but I stel looking for some inside parts like da red colored flor rubbermate whitch cover the tunel , the two pieces..and more other gudies
16 years ago

Well it looks like Romania and the USA share a common bond !...... RUST !

It is looking great.
Hope you find your red mats, I've never seen anything available except gray or black. Didn't even know they had red available when new.

1966 was a good year for the bug, one of my favorites. I say that with a 57 oval ragtop sitting in my garage though.

Good luck with your project!

"If you don't have the time to do it right the first time, when will you find the time to do it over again later?"