• Bjoern
  • pre67vw Junkie Topic Starter
16 years ago
After a long time without a chance of production, the german Schwimmwagen club "DISG" has been started a one and only reproduction of 16 inch rims for the old Volkswagen. The rims will be produced in an actuell standart of wheel production - for all who are interested in, they started the registry to order.

On the first view, the price looks very expensive, but if you think how much you have to pay for an old one, how much you have to pay to the sanblaster, how many wheels you have to throw away because they are too bad to use - and if you think how much plastic you have to use to get a smooth rim - and if you think how much lead as a tyre weight you have to put on the old rims - which you nearly dont need anymore if you have high standart produced rims, the price is ok. For more informations or order please have a look at the Schwimmwagen website 

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