chris beetle
16 years ago
can anyone help..looking for 49 split beetle parts...if you have anythink let me now.some parts I need are back lights,front light,dash parts,plus wireing loom,help if you can..all the best.
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16 years ago
There is someone in Poland I think who is making the correct wiring loom for early beetles.
I think you can find it in the classifieds on
The rear lights are pretty rare.
The headlights a are the ones with the VW logo down I think.  14983.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content.
Wat is het fijn om lesbisch te zijn!
16 years ago
I have only seen 2 of those lights for sale in the last few years! Karmann Konnection did have just 1 ( do they still have it?) and I saw 1 for sale in France 2yrs ago! I expect there would have been some at Camberg but I was'nt looking, parts are too expensive there.
The only option is to use the common standard split type rear lights 50- or repro pre49 lights until you manage to find them. I am sure some will come up eventually, and when they do it is a 'small buying pool' if you get my drift

Good luck

ANNA this time not Owen! 😃
"it'll wreck the patina you haven't worked so hard to create" - 50Karmann