Bob Bales
16 years ago
Hi everyone,

Can anyone help, we have just bought what we thought was a Calafornian import (unregistered) 1970 Westfalia camper. We have since been told that it is a vehicle of unknown origin, therefore we need to prove the age and originality of the major parts, can anyone advise as to the best way of doing this.
Thanks for any help you can give

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16 years ago
Hi Bob - get in touch with the type 2 owners club and they will be able to provide verification for the DVLA about its age and probably its origin. The other alternative is to contact VW UK and pay for a 'birth certificate' - this can also be gained from Germany for free. All they need is the Chassis number and Vin plate details. Chassis number is found in the engine bay and the Vin plate is usually on the bulkhead.

Hope this helps.

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Bob Bales
16 years ago
Hi Phill,

Thanks very much for the info, I will get straight on to it, its no fun having the van sitting on the drive, I can't wait to get it on the road.

Just as a matter of interest, should the Chassis and VIN numbers be the same?

Thanks again,

16 years ago

- this can also be gained from Germany for free.

"Phillmore" wrote:

Oh how true...unfortunately the museum at Wolfsburg charge you 35Euro for postage!

16 years ago


"Bob Bales" wrote:

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