15 years ago
I'm restoring a 1960 and am after a colour code for the light green could be olive?


It's at 3mins 19 on this attachment.....Going for paint really soon so any help would be really appreciated

It may not be an original colour????

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15 years ago
hello, it is without a doubt vw factory colour L380 Turquoise ( often also called turkis) This colour started in 60-61 so you would pretty correct to paint a beetle this colour and it is very nice! You should be able to search the net for "L380 vw" pics and find a few beetles in this colour which was interesting as it came with some special colour co-ordinated features like turq interior rubber mats and running board covers etc. (We have a full cloth interior including the mats for sale if you go this far)
Some originally had vinyl seats ie. UK cars, most if not all? RHD in this colour and many came fabric.

This beetle below is a superb example, mostly original paint! so very correct, even the lovely correct coloured 2 tone wheels :d You dont see many like this.
(We have always said that if we can find an original paint sunroof beetle in this colour it would be a keeper :d)

WolfsburgWest colours 


Another similar but lighter/more pastel colour is Bahama Blue, but it is a later 65- colour so not technically correct for your car:

"it'll wreck the patina you haven't worked so hard to create" - 50Karmann
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