Marco Poli
14 years ago
I am currently restoring the above vehicle and the details are as follows:-

1. Chassis number 3251367
2. Engine number H0375116
3. Date of reg 13 October 1960
4. Reg number XSJ 823
5. Colour Gulf Blue L390

The vehicle has been taken to the paint shop. However, I require the following information and hope that you can be of assistance:-

1. Can you confirm the correct code and colour of steering wheel column and handbrake lever.
2. Seat runners code and colour
3. Inside front wheel and also rim code and colour


Marco Poli:lol:

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14 years ago

Hi Marco, welcome to the forum!

You should find some of the required paint code & colours info on the Samba, here:- 

According to that, L390 Gulf Blue ran from August 1961 to July 1963. Although your chassis number suggests it's an August 1960 you've got. The engine would appear to be a 1500cc from September 1966. All this info came from The Samba.

Good luck with the car, and it's good to see another inhabitant of Glasgow on the forum! That makes 3 of us as far as I know! :d

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14 years ago
Some more info about Gulf Blue L390 from Wolfsburg West. But unfortunately this is of a 62 model. Don't know if there changed some colors. Maybe it helps.
L390 Wolfsburg West