• paul
  • Regular Topic Starter
20 years ago
hi all can anybody help my car failed its m.o.t because the beam is facing the wrong way. the car is a left hand drive. so the patten on the glass is the wrong way for the uk. i have been told you can put tape on it
how is this done because i carnt work it out

thanks all
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20 years ago
The link below is to a picture of a left hand drive van that seems to have had some sort of gaffer tape attached to its lights. Don't know if this will be useful at all. 

Maybe cutting round those light things you get to swap the beam to go to france might be useful if you turn them around, if that makes any sense. Good luck with your MOT.
20 years ago
hi all,

hlafords do a kit for bending the beam the other way, don't know if it would be any good for MOT though.

couldn't you borrow some headlamps just for MOT then swap them back??

Zubeir Moin
10 years ago
I do not know whether you will be reading this or you still have the Beetle. The easiest way to solve the problem is to change the headlight lenses and use ones for the RHD. Headlight lenses for RHDs and LHDs are different.
Zubeir Moin
Convenor & President
Classic Volkswagen Club of Bangladesh