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13 years ago
Anyone who has taken the trip to Wolfsburg has no doubt taken a walk around Autostadt
an amazing place full of hours of interesting stuff.
Well, Ferrari have announced their version and initially, what a fantastic place in looks to be.
Ferrari World...  ferrari-world-200-230710.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content.
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  • JD
  • pre67vw Junkie
13 years ago
Looks like it´ll cover half the town!
"John, you need to get a grip and STOP MOANING AT EVERYTHING. ThumbDown "
13 years ago
A big red testosterone filled man thong :shock:
"it'll wreck the patina you haven't worked so hard to create" - 50Karmann
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13 years ago

A big red testosterone filled man thong :shock:

mrsherbie wrote:

How the hell did you know what I am wearing:shock:

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