13 years ago
Hi all,

I have a 57 oval in prairie beige with a very pale beige / cream leatherette interior. It isnt in great condition and I would like to replace it.
I've love cloth interiors and have seen mine could have had a red cloth interior.
Has anyone got any pictures or ideas of where I could source this as Im having real trouble finding it.

Cheers all x
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Rich Oakley
13 years ago

...contact Lenny who supplied the interior for this '56. He may be able to supply the original P130 Copper-Red cloth that is correct for a Prarie Beige '57.
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13 years ago
Hi dub ggrl,

I can get what I believe to be the original herringbone fabric, I will try and find some pictures and compare it. It’s from one of my German suppliers who claim that there carpet and fabric is that of the early beetles. I have a 55 oval needing work which I may or may not start restoring which is beige and has the original red vinyl interior, but if I get to the stage of re-trimming the interior I was thinking of going down the cloth route. I want to keep it standard for the year as it’s a very original car so if cloth was available, like you I would prefer it.
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