12 years ago
Hi there,

Finally getting round to putting our 56 Oval back together. its only been painted for 3 years, and parked in a garage since!.. thats what kids do to you!.


My painter at the time had painted outer ring of the wheels in L313 reed green (which is the body colour) however I think he's got the inner ring wrong which has been painted in a beige colour, as per the steering wheel, gear stick and other fittings.

Can anyone tell me the correct paint code for the inner ring of the wheels on the outside of the wheel.. Am I right thinking its Silver White? it was on my barndoor thats all and kinda looks right.

Thanks in advance!

54 UK Doubledoor Panel Van
56 UK Deluxe Oval
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  • Piet
  • pre67vw Junkie
12 years ago
Stratosilver beetles used L82 Silverwhite. Maybe you can compare.
Could also be the general used L87 Pearlwhite after '55.
Proost! Peter.
1954 Oval L275 (in progressive refinement)
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