12 years ago
Hi all

I am looking for some help in compleating a restoration project.
The projectis a believe all but compleat let me tell you the story.

The project was started by a friend of mine but unfortunatly he died suddenly haveing got the body shell to the paint stage.
The body was painted and fitted to the floor pan.
The car remined with the painter who offered to compleat it, four years later it is not done.,
I visited the car today and it needs seats fitting roof lining, floor covering,sound proofing, lights fitting bonnet and engine catches bumpers and i guess a few other parts.
It has had all brakes upgraded with new parts a reconditioned engine fitted and has been run, brakes bled etc.
I can get pics etc if required.
The car is for his daughter and needs to be finished but the guy doing it has lost his motivation.
Payment is not an issue we just need it finishing.
There is another beetle to rob parts off and new parts waiting to be fitted inc bumpers.

Any help / advice would be appreciated as it is now causing some distress to his wife who wants to close the chapter.

Please reply via forum posts or pm me for a phone number

Kind regards

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12 years ago
There is a chap in beverley nr hull called the volksmeister with his own website of the same name and some great restorations, you could try him, he certainly seems well connected and could point you to someone suitable if he can't do it, name is vw Robert I think
Good look