11 years ago
Hi, I have just purchased a 1959 car in lovely condition and would greatly appreciate a little advice.

Where can I best source parts, the car is very original (6v,semaphores etc) and I would like where possible to maintain this?

The car is missing the panel behind the dash,i.e when you lift the bonnet there is a gap behind the dash,the workings are visible?

I'm sure there will be many other queries as I "find my way", many thanks in advance for any help.

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11 years ago
Hi, welcome to the forum.

There are several places in the UK that stock parts for 6v VWs including:

Status VW Parts - https://www.status-vw.co.uk 

Karmann Konnection - https://www.karmannkonnection.com 

VW Heritage - https://www.vwheritage.com 

I know Barclay at Status VW has the wiring covers listed on his website in the bonnet & deckled parts section - £18.50

Rich Oakley
11 years ago
Hello Harry.

Welcome to the forum.

Please post some pics of your car. We all love '59s on here!

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11 years ago
Hi Harry and welcome. As Rich says we do like 59s :thumbup: Do you know when she was built?? is she an early 59 or later spec one. Need to see some photos :d

Andy W