• Dakota
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11 years ago
Hi All
I am looking for either a pair of gutter sections or what may be preferable a whole roof from the scuttle to the engine cover to suit a bug built from 1965 to 1970, well you know bigger big windows but before the rear window got bigger and they gained the rear quarter vents, I have a 1500 Beetle with rusty gutters and nasty bits either side of the air intake grill, a few years back I replaced the whole bottom of the car and it came out pretty well and now its time for the ugly rust, it could also do with the seats rebuilding, I know TMI do some quaility stuff but are the inner horse hair pads available as my seats are pretty knackered, when I first got into bugs you could go to the scrappy and find seats etc but that was quite some time ago..Also where can I find some proper hub caps for it, either excelllent used or rechromed, many thanks Bill.
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