10 years ago
Dear All,

Have been on VZI and SSVC for years but the former has always catered for customised stuff and the latter has increasingly been hi jacked by the same in recent years. The samba is good but international rather than local so this site looks refreshing. Glad to see there is a backlash to the customised movement we have seen over the last 20 or more years. Positive discrimination works!!!

Have an original 67 bus which I imported from Canada. Still on the original engine with just under 40,000 from new. Not perfect cosmetically but very original. Not on the road since 1987 until I got hold of it. Slowly massaging it back to life so as to preserve the originality.

Also have a '64 Beetle which I restored in the early '90s. Wife won't let me part with it even if I wanted to. Original car that I bought off the family that had it from new. Took me 7 years to convince them to sell it to me. I stripped it to a bare shell and rebuilt it. Bahama Blue with 70,000 original miles.

Live in South Cambridgeshire...:smile: :smile:



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10 years ago
Hi Keith,

Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you're fairly local to me as well. Let's see some pics :thumbup:
Rob Amos
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10 years ago
Welcome Keith :d As Rob says put up some photos of your cars for us all to enjoy :thumbup:

Andy W
10 years ago
A quick deviation through the New Forest for the benefit of the family when I first imported the bus from Canada. It's first long trip since '87.....

Will post some pics up of the '64 Beetle when I find them but that car is a bit of a sore point at the moment....

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10 years ago
Welcome to the forum Oldspa. Do you ever get stopped by the police for having that pony's head on the front of your van? (nice van, BTW).


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