19 years ago
I'm wanting to put a set of stock white walls on my convertible. Is Coker the only source?
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19 years ago
No there are a number of manufacturers (I think BF Goodrich do some too) unfortunately most of them are not available in the UK. i.e. US based. I also wanted to get some for my bug but they come at a premium if you buy them from a UK supplier/importer :wink: , what I did find out is that you can buy them from companies like Coker (direct) you can get them for a fraction of what you would pay in the UK esp with the current strength of the pound. The problem is they will not ship direct to you in the UK as they have a contract with their UK suppliers that prohibits this. What you could do if you have friends/family in the states, is to get them to buy them and ship them for you i.e. get them for a fraction of the cost albeit with a bit of extra organising. Let me know how you get on as they are still an item on my shopping list.
19 years ago
There are a couple of good sources for white wall tyres in the UK but, as you spelt it t-I-res I'm guessing that you are in The USofA!

North Hants Tyres 

Vintage tyres 

There are a few makes available to fit 15" rims in Crossply or Radial.

Hope this help.

six-o-one 😎