10 years ago
I'm about to start the installation of a new carpet set on our '60 and have a quick question on the alignment of the rear wheel arch sections.

As there was no carpet fitted when we bought the car I have no guide lines as to where the top edge should finish.

Does it finish literally in the crease where the wheel arch meets the interior panel, or does the carpet fold at this point and finish approx. 1" up on the interior panel - just under the stop for the rear seat?

I hope this makes sense.

The kit we have bought is a narrow weave kit from Newton - if it's of any relevance.

Thanks :smile:
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10 years ago
Good kits those.

its follows the line of the wheel arch crease. if the carpet tucked up behind the interior panel you wouldn't get it fitting right.

those kits may still need some trimming.

good luck!
10 years ago
Thanks Robb :thumbup:

I'll try to get a pic when it's done :smile:
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