Si Med
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7 years ago
Interesting to see what people have left to do on their cars before HO17? If anything at all...
Also where are you coming from? Who's coming the furthest?

I personally haven't got anything major to do between now and then to my oval- luckily, As I get married the following weekend and thats enough to sort.

A few more vintage speed tweaks and we're ready to go.
54 UK rhd
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7 years ago
Hmm. I've still got quite a lot to do... 😮
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
Fernando Pal
7 years ago
Hi Rob good year for you and guys these Big Forum.
I'm thinking about going this year HO, When do the registrations open?
11 sedan de luxe oval
early bay camper 4/1971