3 years ago
Hi All, my first post so please be gentle.

I am looking for a number of bits to finish off a very protracted restoration to my 1965 1200 Steel Sunroof Beetle.

Lets start with running boards. I believe they should be Alpine Blue...a colour that seems to be the most mysterious in VW archives as it is mentioned on the build sheet but there is no paint code and no pictoral evidence of it anywhere? Can anyone help please with either a valid paint code so I might get a colour chip made up and then suitable rubber/vinyl paint to paint a modern mat. Or point me in the direction of someone with originals or a sample of an original mat again to get suitable paint mad up.

Onto the Windsor interior

Again the correct original interior would be amazing. However this car will get used a good deal so I am aware the material would be more than 55 years old so might not stand such use. If anyone has a really good sample of the cloth and even the vinyl too I'd be made up. I'll have to find a suitable weaving mill to get a run there is at least hope!

Looking forward to hearing from everyone with crossed fingers

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3 years ago
First of all, welcome to the site!

Is your car Bahama blue by any chance?

I suspect that Alpine blue was VW's way of describing the blue running board, but was never a paint code as it wasn't available as a car colour. Your best bet is to find someone with Alpline blue running boards and get a paint mixed to that.

Probably the same for the interior too?

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Rob Amos
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