18 years ago
I am from Pennsylvania and have just acquired a 1962 beetle and don't know a whole lot about it. I have been into old cars for many years and own a 1953 Chevy pu and a 1953 Buick but this is my first VW. I haven't touched it yet but I was just wondering what information can be obtained from this tag under the hood on the front of the car.
Thanks in advance!


(I hope this picture works)

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18 years ago
well I,m not up on my German but it looks like it tells you your chassis number(that will also be on a plate under the rear seat.

The rest is axle weights and maximium towing weights.
however it could also mention the total weight of the car as in some European countries,road taxes were calculated on the weight of vehicles.

Hope this helps you someways.
However,I must recomend Laurence Merideths Original VW Beetle book.

This will help you out big time,regarding colours and fixtures fitted to your particular year.

Good Luck with it.