18 years ago
Hail fellow Splitters.

Due to the Pregnancy Bombshell that has hit me this week, I have to sell this 58 RHD splitty. My intention was to Porsche it up with period 356 parts, but..........

OK here goes.

Deseamed in South Africa (no rain gutter).
1200 engine (no battery so do not know if it runs, it does turn though). Includes 6v fuel pump and factory spec hot countries oil cooler.
Original suspension and wheels.
Fully factory Safari'ed up (2 front, six side). Front rubbers inc.
Small rear window.
In primer and bare metal (no hidden surprises under a nice paint job).
Front air vents still work.
Comes with front doors, cargo doors, rear hatch, engine lid, valance.
All original locks.
Original Headlights.
1 x Semaphore unit.
VW front emblem.
US Spec front and rear bumpers.


Cab Step (small amount of holes).
Panel under cab doors to be replaced (provided).
Small 3"x3" section under front valance.

THAT is IT!!!!

All other rust you can see is surface only.


Under cab door panel.
Vent piece.
Bottom corner of cab door.

THAT is IT!!!

This is an easy restoration.

The steering box etc is in good working condition. Brakes will need looking at.

Any question gladly answered.



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18 years ago
First, before I put the price in, think about this.

If you spent 3-4k on a british rustbucket, or a LHD import. How much would you have to spend on welding & panels etc? How much time would you have to spend rubbing it down?
Would you really know what the body was like under that new paint job?

Think about that then scroll down.

I am asking for £6000.

If interested contact me at:

[email protected]

for more pictures.

Regards  3171.jpg You have insufficient rights to see the content.
18 years ago