18 years ago
I've often wondered what happened to this Hebmüller.


Does anyone know what became of it?

Please don't say it's Heb601!!! :shock:
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18 years ago
Nothing, that is in my back yard!!! :lol:
:twisted: ET

P.S. Its n.7
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18 years ago
I heard that it was too far gone to restore and was scrapped. :cry:
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
18 years ago
Hey ET- When it is in your back yard is must be 623. and your friends did one "helluvejob" :roll: .

I remember I heard that the famous family from HO found that one and that the hood frame is now in swiss somewhere: maybe just a rumour , maybe a true story....Who knows :wink:
ZELENSIS, coachbuilt body from the 50's on a vw platform made in Belgium. Peter the heb detective