• Jules
  • pre67vw Junkie Topic Starter
17 years ago
Please keep your eyes peeled for Johns van which was stolen last night from the London Area:-

Reg: 201 WAR
1963 'Small rear window' Devon Camper
Right Hand Drive
Seagull Grey / Mango Green
A very clean and tidy van

Terrible news, and it's his birthday today, how awful!

Just copied this from Vzi:

STOLEN 63 split from central london area 06/11/06

stolen from highgate, london yesterday evening 06/11/06
its a mango green and seagull grey (white to most of us)

11 window rhd devonette with 31000 miles on the clock!!
red n green checked curtains..but no interior door panels ..just in case you spot it..

stock height on white wall tyres with a stockish motor

reg was 201 WAR and today is the owners birthday
not the kind of birthday treat any of us would relish..


splits are big money as we know,but value aside the majority of owners love them in a way which makes losing them a very big deal indeed..

contact details if you spot it are pretty straightforward
07816119507 -john

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  • Jules
  • pre67vw Junkie Topic Starter
17 years ago
Good News! This van has been found, more details here