17 years ago
Well, the oval window that was for sale on the Samba I got home a month ago. Bought it from a guy about an hour north of Bakersfield, California. It sure helps being a truck driver as I live here on the East coast and trasporting the car back east was going to be way to expensive!! So the total coast to ship the car from the west coast to the east coast was just 70.00 dollars. Can you believe it? The 70.00 was the coast of a flat bed tow truck coming out to the trailer after arriving near my house and just taking the car 4 blocks to my house. So now I am finally the owner of an oval window. I have been trying to get one of these for a long time but could never find one here on the east coast that was'nt all ate up. Here are a few shots of the car in the back of my Warrior Express trailer. I plan on keeping the Samba and International Vintage Volkswagen Forums updated to this project as I will probably need all the advise I can get, as an oval window is un-charted territory for me. Thanks everybody.

Emily's Grandpa
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