• PaulH
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16 years ago
A pal of mine has found an engine attached to some sort of compressor in an old nautical warehouse.
Its not an industrial engine but has been mated to some form of machinery, all a bit vague at the moment, sorry.

Its in og military colours and has a single tip exhaust, all complete and original and still has the original starter motor. Stampings are VW not KDF style

The owner said it came from an old military Volkswagen, a Kubel was his words.
I should be getting pictures soon.

Number is 1012-062715

Any ideas or help ?

Kind regards in advance.
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  • JD
  • pre67vw Junkie
16 years ago
Sounds like an old military compressor. The motors are not "special", but they can be good buys as they don't normally have a lot of miles on them (so to speak). Depends if the scrappies have been using it already for 40years!
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  • PaulH
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16 years ago
I got the numebr wrong :oops:
its 112.062715

It may be industrial, it has the crank starter on the bottom pulley.

It was a home made thing, the complete motor was attached to a frame and used to power a compressor.

Even if it is an industrial unit, and lets say complete and working what are they worth ?

Its in Spain and my pal had managed to get it for next to nothing but plans on trading it for some parts so he would like to know a rough idea of what it could be worth.

Thanks in advance.
16 years ago

Nov 1-1245 382
Dec 1-1277 347

These are the engine numbers for T1 in 1955
If you take out your middle 0 it would be made in December 55
Probally 150 - 300 euro