• paul
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19 years ago
hello having problems got a brandnew 12v batterie. but it keeps going flat after a short wile.... all the earths are brandnew and i have had it convert to 12v so most of the parts are new, ... the car would not start today and the batt was half full????????/
someone said it could need a new starter it came from another car.. could the starter motor be draing the batterie.......... or could it be somthing eles............... ...??????????????????????? very confused

can anybody help me....... many thanks paul :cry: :cry:
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19 years ago
Had the same problem on my 66, with a converted 12V system. Battery would die after a month.

My problem was that the starter windings were burnt, therefore took a lot of juice to start the engine, check the positive wire when cranking the engine, mine was very hot.

When I opened the starter, I found the windings burnt, the starter turned also very slowly, after the overhaul, all was ok, no more dead batteries.

Good Luck

PS. Check to see first if your alternator/generator is charging properly.
19 years ago
Did you get this problem solved? I agree with 66bug- and I would check your alternator first. Most good auto parts stores will take your alternator or generator and bench test it... several places in my small town do it free of charge. Once you determine whether it is OK, you can then evaluate each component of your charging circuit, and usually you will find a simple cause for the failure. I believe the same places that test the alternators and generators advertise that they test your starter for free also. My '64 bug (6 v.) began starting erratically, and I found horribly old corroded wires and terminals which were easy to replace with some heavy-guage wire and crimp-on terminals from AutoZone. Took about 10 minutes and solved the problem. Sometimes a battery will just die prematurely, although this is rare. I believe that batteries will lose maybe about 8% of their reserve each time they go flat dead, so if it does it often enough.... 😶 Good luck,
John Scribner
19 years ago
Greetings John, I sent you an e-mail. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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