cliff collins
19 years ago
hi all,

my first (and therefore probably dumb) post...

2 questions: :?:

1. I own a '59 beetle. I want to buy a "spidle to spindle" axle beam
(stock) and bolt it on. Can I buy the later '61 up axle beam with ball joint setup and bolt into the '59 car?

2. same '59 car--can I also but a later '61 up swingaxle tranny and bolt
into the rear frame horn area? need a different nosecone/hockeystick setup, or tarnny mount?

The reasons to treat the front end and tranny in this manner are:

a. these setups are much more readily available
b. these setups are better/more advanced designs than the older style.

any past experience here and/or advice much appreciated.

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