16 years ago

Can anyone give me any advice on refitting the glass into my car? It is the delux rubbers with the metal trim. I've never fitted this type before so I guess I'd like to know how to tackle actually getting the rubbers and glass in, and also any tips on the metal insert. Many thanks, and merry christmas to all! 😃

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16 years ago
First put the rubber on the window, after that, put the trim in the rubber !
After you did that , the same way as you normaly work !
I do it with a rope and a lot of detergent !


16 years ago
Yep, rubber on the glass - then insert the trim. Make sure your trim connectors are in place as well, I ruined a rubber thinking I'd be able to put it in later. I recommend washing line for the cord, it doesn't break very easily. Also, don't use washing up liquid for a lubricant as it contains a lot of salt.
Rob Amos
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16 years ago
Thanks for this. That is really helpful. I'm looking forward to seeing the glass back in, but I can't say I'm looking forward to putting it in! From the times before I remember the rope and lubrication you mention, but also quite a lot of stress!!
16 years ago
If you cant get washing line cord, then i always use Nylon 'parachute' cord which is available in John Lewis.

Phill Thomas.
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