webb 63
15 years ago
I need to get some L279 Dolomite paint mixed for my 1954 Cabriolet restoration.

I have the mix colours and percentages.

Can anyone recommend a company in the UK that can mix an old colour like this?

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15 years ago
If you have the mix % then I would think pretty much any supplier would be able to mix it for you, just find your local supplier and talk to them - if you have a part that you can take in as well then that would be extra help (glove box door, ash tray). The trouble is that modern paint will mix up slightly differently even with the correct 'recipe', so they will probably need to tint slightly to get an exact match.

On another note.. 54 cabrio? lets see some pics!! and welcome to the forum!
Rob Amos
Happiness is a stock VW
webb 63
15 years ago
Hello and thanks for the welcome.

I have recently purchased a 1954 RHD Karmann Cabriolet Beetle which at the present time is undergoing a mild restoration. The car was missing a few of the original features but it is amazingly solid. It had received a few dodgy green resprays over the decades but was originally Dolmote L279 - I don't know of any other RHD Oval era Cabriolets that colour in the world.

Heres a photo of the car when I took delivery. More to follow. Cheers.

Rich Oakley
15 years ago
Welcome, indeed!

Been following your thread on RW- fantastic car and what a find!! I don't know of another Dolomite RHD Oval Kab either. Keep us posted!

47 Beetle, 56 UK Karmann Cabriolet, 56 UK Beetle, 57 UK Type 2, 59 UK Beetle, 66 UK Fastback.
54 Gertie
15 years ago
Any more news on this one?

Looks great, Perfect summer cruiser! :d