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15 years ago
It's been a while since I posted here with new parts and these new Floor Pans we now have will definately be interesting for visitors of this site.

These days, the restoration market is flooded with inferior ill-fitting products, which are seemingly pressed from paper-thin steel. Enter these new floor pans, the only floor pans currently on the market to feature original pattern stampings, and factory specification gauge steel. The bar is raised even further in offering 3 versions (up to '55, '56 to '70 and '71 to '72), definitely not your “one size fits all” scenario. Finally, in an effort to protect the floor pans during storage, each component is coated liberally with high quality ultra resistant primer.

I have had two seperate customers who have already purchesed what they thought were the best available but decided to swap when they saw these due to the better quality and the pressings being accurate. Please call me at KK for more details.

Stock is on its way and should be here in approx. 6 weeks!

From £175+ Vat each, don't forget, all pre67.co.uk forum members get 10% discount!

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