54 Gertie
14 years ago

We have come across a set of NOS (in old VW box) 30 horse b&ps.

Two are Mahle and have a VW logo on the inside, but the other two are Mahle and have no Vw logo. This lack of logo is as if they removev that bit from the tooling when VW stopped needing a supply of 30 horse parts. The two "old" NOS ones have a little surafce rust (nothing at all really) and the other ones have more indicating that until recently they were stored seperately. I suspect that the guy selling them had a VW box and two b&ps, then made up the numbers :wink:

So in conclsusion all four are NOS and made by Mahle, an OEM to VW, but two are obviously slightly later NOS ones.

The guy wants £250 and at first this seemed reasonable until we noticed that they were not a complete matching set.

You can buy these new from Status and the like for about £400 and I believe they are also made by Mahle.

Do people think that £250 is a fair price for these? I mean, when we first looked and thought they were a matching set they seemed a bit on the cheap side but now im not so sure. :? :lol:

Any ideas?

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14 years ago
Original barrels were forged (stamped out)they were much better quality than the new items which are cast .I bought some from KK (£230) .I was lucky to even find some and was told that any new deliverys would be much more(they are now 400).Check that the NOS ones are the same size as VW sold oversize cylinders which may be 0.5 mm or more oversize.Also check the shoulder length from where the barrel sits on the head to the cylider head face.Also check the rings are all there as they can be hard to find.The ones i bought from KK were not Mahle but looked the same qaulity as the old Cofap ones that used to be available.All reproduction Barrels (30hp)i have seen are cast.The old Mahle is not the same as new stuff.I did wonder whether Mahle and Cofap had merged as i havnt seen Cofap ones for years.
Also the new ones have a ring width of 2mm and the originals were 2.5mm so may be easier to find rings for in the future as that is the size of the later 77mm barrels.Buying repro parts for these engines is a nightmare .The valves i bought for instance hsd the collet groove too deep which meant the collet faces touched(not gripping the stem)i got round it by grinding the faces. An inexperiened can person easily overlook these things.I could go on forever ,in fact its worthy of a thread on its own but dont have much time at the moment.