• gipf
  • pre67vw Junkie Topic Starter
13 years ago
Hello all, I'm having some problems with my carb. I've been trying to set it up but when I screw in the volume screw nothing happens, I can take it out completely and it runs the same as if I screw it right in.
Has my carb seen it's last days? 😞
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  • Piet
  • pre67vw Junkie
13 years ago
Check n° 1 : the tip of your screw is broken off and still in the carb body.
Try to blow it out with compressed air.
Check n°2: intake air leakage, check manifold with brake cleaner spray while in idle mode. When idling goes up in RPM, there's a leak.

But your engine needs to be tuned correct first, valves/timing/etc

Proost! Peter.
1954 Oval L275 (in progressive refinement)
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