12 years ago
I’m reaching the end of what’s been quite a long restoration and have a few niggling items which are holding me back – if anyone can help me out on these few items I would be really (really!) grateful!:

The back seat when folded back – the carpet back of it goes into a channel welded onto the parcel shelf (from memory, held in place by a length of rope!); I have had a new parcel shelf welded in, and it doesn’t have this channel. Has anyone got a car they’re breaking which they can chisel off one of these channels?

I have replacement floorpans and they don’t have the tubes for the rear heater cables – does anyone have any old floorpan lying about that has tubes that could be chiselled off? Alternatively, any tech specs would be good so I can get them fabricated…

I have new sills (yep, had a lot of welding done!) – they are post 67’s with louvers added to where the heater slides should go, but they don’t have the channels for the slides themselves. Looking at blurry cut-away images online it looks as if they should have retaining springs (I have the slides themselves and can see raised bumps on them that look as if they would interact with springs) – again, has anyone got any photos or drawings that could help me to work out how to fabricate the slides correctly – Ideally I’d like them to work and feel original!

Thanks guys – any help would be most gratefully received (I really want to get her back on the road again – then I can start to work on getting the Eberspacher B2 heater going…!)
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